Video: Taylor Swift Drunk On Stage

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We have just received exclusive video of what appears to be Taylor Swift drunk on stage at one of her concerts.

I’ve never been around drunk girls myself, but according to the TV shows I’ve seen, drunk girls act exactly like Taylor Swift in the video below. They run around in short dresses screaming and singing horribly, then they fall down.

After the drunk girl falls down she usually draws the attention of a frat guy who pretends to be a nice guy by helping her up, but then he later forces himself on her. I don’t know if that happened to Taylor Swift because the video cuts off, but I think it is safe to assume that it probably did!

Taylor Swift needs to face her addiction to alcohol, because stumbling around on stage like this is unacceptable. She should channel her addictive impulses to praying to Allah. Taking a shot of Islam and cracking open an ice cold Qur’an is much better for you than alcohol (however it should also be avoided if pregnant).

Here is the video of Taylor Swift drunk on stage.

taylor-swift, celeb-videos, celeb-jihad