Video Of Justin Bieber Peeing In A Janitor’s Mop Bucket

The video above of pop star Justin Bieber peeing in a janitor’s mop bucket while in the back of a restaurant was just released to the Web.

As you can see, Justin Bieber has pulled down his diaper, and is trying not to piss on his own balls as a bald man in a suit stares at his tiny penis. In the background Justin Bieber’s friends cheer him on shouting about being “swagger” and “wild kidz” as they finger each other’s assholes.

On the way out Justin Bieber grabs a bottle of cleaning product and sprays a photo of Bill Clinton while exclaiming “f*ck Bill Clinton“. When asked for a comment on Bieber’s remark the former President replied, “I’ll f*ck him in his pretty little mouth first“.