Selena Gomez Black Sex Party Video Leaked

The inevitable has finally happened and Selena Gomez has become a full mudshark whore, as she is currently “dating” the negro minstrel known as “The Weekend”. Of course Selena wasn’t named Ms Tijuana Donkey Show three years running because she does things half way, so it should come as no surprise to see her taking part in a interracial sex party in the video above.

As you can see, this video appears to be a leaked Instagram story from Selena’s pet boyfriend The Weekend’s cell phone. In it The Weekend films Selena having sex with bigger and blacker guys then himself, while he captions the scenes with various homoqueer emojis.

This of course is a common practice among the cuckold white men (and light skinned mongrels like The Weekend) in the infidel world, as these pathetically emasculated kuffars get off on watching their women being savaged by AIDS ridden pavement apes. Of course if they wanted to see their women reach the true heights of erotic ecstasy then they would solicit the help of us virile Muslim men… But then they would never see their women again because they’d either wind up in our harems or in a hole out in the desert.