Rihanna Posts A Pic Of Her Ass In A Jean Thong

rihanna, celeb-jihad

The jungle creature known as Rihanna took to Instagram to post this photo of her ass in the a jean thong.

Clearly the AIDS has seeped out of Rihanna’s sweaty hindquarters and eroded away the denim of her jeans. Only a thin sliver of fabric is being saved from the corrosive substance (though it probably wish it wasn’t) as it gets sucked into Rihanna’s gaping rectum.

Of course the infidels will love this Rihanna sweaty ass jean thong photo, as they worship this degenerate primitive she-beast. In fact Rihanna’s new single “Shake Dat AIDS Sweat Jean Thong” featuring Pitbull and Lil Wayne is #1 on iTunes right now.