Love Magazine Threatens To Release New Kim Kardashian Nude Photos

kim-kardashian, celeb-jihad

The obviously ironically titled “Love” magazine is threatening to release brand new Kim Kardashian nude photos, so we must prepare ourselves and steel our nerves for the onslaught of disgusting fat ass mudshark bare flesh that is soon to come.

As you can see in the photos below, Love magazine is teasing the release of these new Kim Kardashian nudes by leaking a couple of crappy photos from the shoot. This is sort of like how us Muslims like to tease our captives by running the blade of our scimitars across their throats before we finally chop their heads’ off… only this is far more cruel and inhumane.

The first pic from this monstrous preview appears to be a censored version of a photo of Kim standing in a doorway completely naked and covered in chicken grease and/or watermelon juice. The second photo features Kim sticking out her enormous ass while smoking a cigarette and climbing into a rose bush because… art? The last pic is of Kim laying on a soiled mattress in a cheap motel room while waiting for the next group of abids to arrive for the gang bang. Clearly this Kim Kardashian nude photo shoot for Love magazine is going to be one sickening sight for the ages.


kim-kardashian, celeb-jihad kim-kardashian, celeb-jihad kim-kardashian, celeb-jihad