Kristen Stewart Nude Scenes From “Personal Shopper”

The video above features all of Kristen Stewart’s nude scenes from the film “Personal Shopper”.

As you can see, Kristen has no shame about prostituting her itty bitty titties on camera, as she brazenly exposes them while topless at the doctor’s office and again in a closet while trying on a moth infested top. With such tiny chesticles it is no wonder that Kristen Stewart is such a sinfully flaming lesboqueer, for as a woman she has very little to offer a man.

However with that said, Kristen does not have to burn in the hellfire for all eternity for blasphemous lesbodyking… For with her short hair and androgynous body Kristen has the boyish good looks that could eventually lead to her salvation. First Kristen must renounce heathen Hollywood, and head to the Middle East to seek redemption by serving as a stand-in for bacha bazis (dancing boys) who are constantly calling out of work with severely sprained anus holes.