Katy Perry Topless With Her Rubber Duckie

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Katy Perry tries to beat the summer heat by getting completely topless and floating in a pool with her rubber duckie in the photo above.

Unfortunatley for Katy not only is her respite from the heat going to brief (for she is certainly going to burn in the eternal hellfire for this sinful titty display), but she has inadvertently condemned her rubber duckie to death as she has proven it to be a homosexual by it ignoring her immodestly bulbous boobies right next to its head in this pic.

Yes if this were a rubber goat or rubber camel Katy was floating on you better believe that its face would be buried between Katy’s breast meat. However, with their colored feathers and fancy feet ducks are some of the most flamboyantly gay creatures in the animal kingdom, so it is not surprising to see this rubber one being such a tremendous faggot. Us Muslims can not wait for the day that we make this dandy duck topless with a scimitar, and then send Katy its head in a basket.