Katy Perry Seductively Laying On A Bed

katy-perry, celeb-jihad

Well it was only a matter of time once Katy Perry divorced her foppish husband Russell Brand, that she would try to seduce us virile Muslim men. In the photo above Katy Perry is seductively laying on a bed in slutty lingerie, in the Qur’an approved position for a deep throat banging, with the hope that a Muslim man will happen by and defile her mouth.

Unfortunately for Katy Perry she will not get her tonsils pummeled by a powerful Muslim meat stick as she failed to cover up her shameful female body, and no Muslim man would be able to retain an erection while sexing her mouth with the sight of her nearly nude body in front of them.

Yes this photo of Katy Perry trying to seduce us Muslim men is a complete and utter failure. Which is probably for the best for Katy Perry as she almost certainly would not survive our massive hairy Jihadist balls smacking against her face as she choked on load after load of potent Islamic jizz.