Kaley Cuoco’s Hard Nipples In ‘The Wedding Ringer’

kaley-cuoco, celeb-jihad

Kaley Cuoco and her hard nipples star in the new romantic comedy “The Wedding Ringer”.

As you can see in the GIF above from the moive, Kaley and her nipples play a girl who is perpetually horny and cold, so people hire her and her rigid tit toppers to serve as ring bearers at their weddings. Will Kaley and her erect areola ever find true love for themselves? You’ll just have to see the movie to find out!

However, rest assured there will be no happily ever after for Kaley and her stiff milk spouts, as one day soon us righteous Muslims will ride in on our war camels and conquer the West. Then any woman seen shamefully advertising her sinful sexual desires with her aroused boob binkies will have them immediately lopped off with a scimitar and put to good use plugging bullet holes in our Toyota trucks.