Jennifer Holland And Jessica Asher’s One-Hit Wonder Nude Scenes

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Today we take a look back at a couple of one-hit wonder nude scenes from failed actresses Jennifer Holland and Jessica Asher.

First up we have Jennifer Holland’s nude scene from the film “American Pie Presents: The Book of Love”. As you can see in the video clip above, Jennifer shows a lot of promise as an actress in this nude scene… For not only is she a dumb blonde whore, but she is also more than willing to show off her sinful nude tit sacks.

Not surprisingly the same description could be used for Jessica Asher who exposes her bare breast meat in the famous locker room scene above in the film “Not Another Teen Movie”.

Really the only reasonable explanation as to why some brazen whores make it in heathen Hollywood and others like Jennifer and Jessica do not is that these girls are lacking in blowjob skill department. For Jennifer and Jessica are clearly just as “talented” as any of the big name actresses today; what held them back was toothy unenthusiastic casting couch cock sucking.