Hayden Panettiere Strips Naked At The Beach

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Hayden Panettiere takes off her bikini and walks on the beach completely naked in the photo above.

By stripping naked on the beach Hayden Panettiere is pointing out the hypocrisy of women wearing bikinis. If a woman is going to expose 90% of her shameful flesh then she might as well show it all, and not feign modesty by barely covering her sinful sex organs with strips of fabric.

Of course Hayden makes an excellent point with this bikini beach strip. However, us Muslims would take this line of thinking one step further and assert that any woman not wearing a beach burka not only might as well be naked, but also might as well be getting forcefully pounded hard by our mighty tunic snakes. It is just this type of righteously superior thinking that makes the Islamic world a far superior place then the West… and our beaches a lot more fun to visit.