Elizabeth Gillies Shows Off Her New Blonde Locks In A Nightie

elizabeth-gillies, celeb-jihad

Busty Nickelodeon star Elizabeth Gillies shows off her new blonde locks while in a nightie in the photo above.

Elizabeth Gillies appears to be going with the classic “slutty blonde with big tits” look to win the hearts of the infidel masses. While her “Victorious” co-stars Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande are certainly beating her in the fame game so far, Elizabeth looks like she has what it takes to one day be the biggest whore and thus star of the group.

Yes it is clear from this photo that Elizabeth Gillies has all the makings of a true starlet. However, she must apply her natural talents if she wants to make it big. In heathen Hollywood that means doing all the right things like fake dating a secretly gay actor who happens to have the same agent as her, “accidentally” flashing her vagina while getting out of a car, and of course leaking nude selfies from her “hacked” cell phone.