Channing Tatum Stripping Video For “Magic Mike” Prequel

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As if further proof was needed that the US of A is a sick and depraved country infested with homoqueers, the Channing Tatum stripper movie “Magic Mike” made $39.2 million over the weekend.

American men like Channing Tatum are so emasculated that they are forced to degrade themselves by peddling their flesh to the horny morbidly obese female masses and their AIDS-infested gay guy pals.

Of course the Zionists who run Hollywood get off on selling this type of homosexual smut, and have already announced that they will be releasing a “Magic Mike” prequel with Channing Tatum. We have uncovered an exclusive video from the set of this new movie and posted it below.

As you can see there is just as much man ass as the original film, but the story appears to be vastly superior.