Carrie Underwood Nude On All Fours

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Country music star Carrie Underwood shows off her tight ass while posing nude on all fours in a clear effort to seduce us virile Muslims in the photo above.

Carrie is assuming a woman’s most natural and halal position by appearing on her hands and knees in this photo. However, Carrie forgot that she should also be wearing a thick black wool burka, so that her shameful body does not offend. Also Carrie should be either scrubbing the floors or constructing IEDs with her eyes down cast, for there is nothing more unattractive then a woman with idle hands and a lecherous gleam in her eye.

Yes Carrie Underwood has a lot to learn if she ever wants to experience the unimaginable pleasure that comes from having a Muslim’s enormous meat scud buried deep in her ass. However, she shows much promise with this nude photo, and with a little time, patience, and quite a few beatings with stiff Nile reeds I’m confident that she could one day be a properly trained anal only concubine in the harem of a powerful Muslim.