Britney Spears Has a Big Fat Spine

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Just look at the promiscuous whore, Britney Spears, showing off her spine for the whole world to see. Last I checked, Britney had two children, yet here she sits, brandishing her back like some filthy Kurdish kum dumpster, as if to say “your arms are not powerful enough to hit me with a stone, righteous sons of Islam. Do your worst!”

What’s even more insulting is the poor quality of her spine. Years of hauling baskets of wool and figs to the bazaar have taken their toll, yet she continues to show off her physique like she still has the spine of a 13-year-old boy! Trust me, Britney. I know 13-year-old boys, I am a friend to 13-year-old boys. You ma’am, are no 13-year old boy.