Beyonce’s Booty In A Thong GIF

celeb-jihad, beyonce

Pop star Beyonce shows her enormous Sub-Saharan booty in a thong in this GIF from her new “Partition” music video.

After advertising her large powerful hindquarters like this Beyonce is sure to fetch top dinar at a Damascus slave market. The only thing left is for an enterprising merchant to capture the beast, and ensure she gets all her shots before putting her on the auction block.

I would certainly be an interested party in the purchase of this Beyonce creature, and I have many dried figs saved up to offer in exchange. I must admit I have often fantasized about plowing Beyonce’s big black ass… of course by that I mean attaching a plow to her rump and having her till the land by luring her forward with a stick with a watermelon on the end of it.