Anna Kendrick And Brittany Snow Are Lesbian Lovers

It has been confirmed that longtime “friends” and “Pitch Perfect” co-stars, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow are definitely lesbian lovers. Of course there was no denying the onscreen sexual chemistry between the two in scenes like the one above, or the look of unbridled lust in Brittany’s eyes in photos like the one below…

celeb-jihad, brittany-snow, anna-kendrick

However, now we can say with confidence that Anna and Brittany are vigorously tongue lashing each others sin slits and devouring one another’s lady juices, as we take a closer look at the way Brittany fondles Anna’s breast sacks in the video clip below.

Even though it appears as though Brittany was the sexual aggressor in this lesboqueer relationship, our sources tell us that Anna is no “pillow princess” as she loves nothing more than suckling Brittany’s clit into her warm wet mouth… As further evidenced by Anna derping out looking at it in the screencap below.

celeb-jihad, brittany-snow, anna-kendrick

Yes there is no denying it now, Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow are super gay for one another…

These two lesbodykes better enjoy the scissoring and finger blasting now, for they will be burning in the hellfire for all eternity for their most unnatural sexual escapades.