Alexandra Daddario Nude Deleted Scene

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Celeb Jihad researchers recently uncovered the screen cap above of a fully naked Alexandra Daddario from a deleted nude scene. Which of course led us to wonder what other sorts of sickeningly salacious acts Alexandra was hiding in her deleted scene past. The video clips below are what we have been able to recover so far…

This gratuitous deep cleavage scene was deleted from Alexandra’s movie “Rampage”.

This bouncy boobie scene comes from Alexandra’s film “The Layover”.

And last but certainly not least, we have Alexandra’s open shirt bondage scene from “Texas Chainsaw 3D”.

Of these three previously lost scenes, the last one of Alexandra helpless is by far the most halal. For what red-blooded Muslim man hasn’t envisioned such a situation, and imagined himself vigorously flogging Alexandra with a whip made from stiff Nile reeds for her numerous crimes again morality. Of course after that was done it would be time for some oral… As in the reading of the holy Qur’an to teach Alexandra the error of her ways and convert her into a pious Muslimina.