Alexa Miro Nude – A Girl and a Guy (13 Pics + Videos)

The Fappening Blog videos below present Filipina actress Alexa Miro making her nude debut in the movie “A Girl and A Guy” (2021).



Alexa Miro is topless as she moves up after going down on a guy, leaning over him and showing her breasts hanging down briefly. She then straddles the guy and kisses him.


Alexa Miro is lying topless in bed next to a guy as she talks to him, sitting up against a wall and laughing as she looks over at him.


Alexa Miro is showing full nudity as a guy follows her to the base of a stairway. We see her breasts, butt, and bush as she lays down on the stairs and the guy kisses her legs before making out with her. She then continues up the stairs and the guy joins her in a hallway where he picks her up and she wraps her legs around him while making out.

Finally she and the guy disappear into a bedroom. We then see her emerging from the same door the next day, showing full-frontal nudity with only a robe over her shoulders as she walks back down the stairs, her breasts bouncing a bit. Finally she covers up when seeing unexpected company in the kitchen below.


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